Medellín, Antioquia

Colombian Steakhouse
100% Colombian Grazing Beef.

Modern bistro with
Colombian products

We´re inspired by our Colombian meat, which we dry-mature in our exclusive cellar to bring to your table an incomparable experience of flavor and texture. Don Diablo offers a varied and tasty menu, seeking to vindicate the national beef by innovating with modern culinary and grill techniques.

The Menu

Our menu offers a 100% proposal of Colombian meat dry-aged at home and roasted on our own designed grill with local firewood. We also offer vegetarian and seafood options along with a craft cocktail proposal and a premium wine list.

About us

We´re filled with passion to exalt Colombian beef in a market that is looking for imported premium options. We make all our charcuterie at home, and we have the only cellar in Colombia specialized for maturing cuts such as Rib-Eye, Flatbread, T-bone, Porterhouse, and bone-in sirloin. We seek to rescue creole breeds of both beef and pork, working with small Colombian producers. Our space provides an elegant, comfortable, and exclusive environment.

Jonny Alejandro Patiño
Meet The Chef

Jonny loves barbecues for the factor of family sharing. He’s fascinated by being able to show the grill from a different perspective, with local products, as happens in Don Diablo. "El Maestro" is father of 3 beautiful children, Sara, Nico and Violeta, who are his greatest happiness in life.